Natural Light Photography located in Roseville, CA



2013 Fall Family Photos

Sessions will be $175.  We will shoot for about 45 minutes, and you will receive approximately 20 full size images to use as you please.


Session One: Saturday Oct. 12

Roseville/Rocklin Natural Area

4:00pm – reserved



Session Two: Sunday Oct. 13

Roseville/Rocklin Natural Area



10:30am – reserved

Session Three: Saturday Nov. 16

Sacramento Urban (brick, grass)


9:30am – reserved


Thank you for booking a session with me and I cannot wait to capture your family this year!

Joel Corcoran


Double Trouble

I have had the pleasure of capturing these adorable boys since their birth, one year ago! They are growing up so fast! We took a trip to one of my favorite locations and I love how they turned out. It has been really fun watching them grow, and watching Mom & Dad become parents. We’ve known them for 10 years (feeling old…) and they’re some of our best friends! Anyhow, enough about us…

The Boys

Marcaletti Blog 1

Funny story, apparently!

Marcaletti Blog 2

Still laughing!

Marcaletti Blog 7

Playing with the fire department stuff, just like daddy (who’s a Paramedic for the Fire Department!)

Marcaletti Blog 4

Walking with Mommy along the train tracks

Marcaletti Blog 6

Hanging with Mommy

Marcaletti Blog 5

The Fam

Marcaletti Blog 3

Love this family and can’t wait for next time!

A Monumental Event

These are my sister’s kids. It is a rare event that I can capture all 4 of them looking at me and smiling naturally. The stars aligned this time, and I love this photo!

Carrolls Blog 1

Baby T’s First Photoshoot

I was super excited to be contacted by this Mama-to-be to capture her little boy’s first days in the outside world. He was one of the best newborns I have had and I had a wonderful time working with him, and his parents!

This is one of my first baby “smiles” and I was SO excited to capture it!

Tyler Blog 1

I love this shot… sleeping in Mommy’s hands.

Tyler Blog 2

You may notice several different blankets here… Baby T’s systems were definitely working (a very good thing!)

Tyler Blog 3

Sweetness. Pure sweetness!

Tyler Blog 4

Daddy snuggles…

Tyler Blog 5

St. Baldrick’s BaseBald Event for the Rocklin Pony League

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in photographing an event she was organizing for the Rocklin Pony Baseball League. It was a BaseBald event for St. Baldrick’s to raise money and awareness with the goal of conquering kids’ cancer. I was honored to participate and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have learned about this great organization!

Here are a few of my favorites from the event:

Basebald 4 copy

Basebald 10 copy

Basebald 6 copy

And After!
Basebald 12 copy

Love this smile! A lot of the kids were really excited to be there, and were very aware of what St. Baldrick’s does and who they were there to help. It was amazing to see!

Basebald 24 copy

The hair was flying!

Basebald 33 copy

Basebald 43 copy

Basebald 14 copy

Basebald 37 copy

The Whitney High School Baseball team was involved as well. Several of the team members were helping shave heads, and many of them had their heads shaved as well. It was fun to see them all out there supporting the cause!

Basebald 21 copy

The team, with not much hair!

Basebald 44 copy

The lovely ladies that organized and ran the event:

Basebald 51 copy

After the event, I was contacted by St. Baldrick’s to see if I would be interested in donating the images for their use in social media & event marketing. I was happy to oblige and was excited to see this on their Facebook page today!

Little H is 4 Months Old.

I’ve had the pleasure of taking photos of this sweet girl since before she was born! We did a Maternity session (poor Mama, it was in August and it was HOT, but she was a trooper!), then a newborn session, and then some Family Photos in Lake Tahoe in January, and now the little missy is 4 months old and holding her head up! She was very serious about her modeling on this day and held her poker face solid the entire time. She’ll be a model some day!

Look at that sweet face

Hannah Blog 1

Getting her tutu on

Hannah Blog 2

Hey there!

Hannah Blog 3

I love this stage in babies… the rolls! They’re everywhere and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Hannah Blog 4

This last one just melts my heart…

Hannah Blog 5


Noah is really, really into pretty much all types of vehicles. He has a “100 First Machines” book and he can name a lot of them. He seems to have an eagle’s vision and a dog’s hearing too… the kid can hear, then spot, an airplane in the sky no matter how small or how quiet. When I’m playing with him inside the house, one my very favorite things is when an airplane is flying over head. We’ll both hear it, he will get an electric look on his face and he’ll whisper “airplane!” so as not to interrupt it, and then in a giggling fit, he runs to the couch, climbs up on top, and leans against the back looking out the window into the sky. I of course do it too, and we search for the airplane, and if I even glance at him, he erupts in a fit of laughter and excitement. One day, I gave Mama the camera all ready to go, and we did our thing. I love the look on his face. Pure glee.

Airplane Blog